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Server Installation

A server installation requires expert advice and assistance in order to design and configure the right product to your requirements. Your server needs must be designed to provide you with the utmost efficiency. With years of experience,
ASH TECH’s consultants are well equipped to understand those needs and configure your server accordingly.

You may be a new small business and require us to build your IT server solution for your office for the first time. Or you may be planning to upgrade your hardware and software systems to the latest IT technologies. After consulting with you we design a solution and quote on the recommendations for your current needs and future growth.

We then ensure you are provided with the best possible business server setup service & solution tailored to those needs.

Our Technical Consultant will install and connect all your server requirements on your site. And while they are there, if you require to manage the server yourself, they will also fully train your staff members with the new system. This will enable you to help us fix any issues in the future.



  • With technology progressing very swiftly, most businesses are now preferring to utilise the Cloud for their server requirements.  The benefits of storing your data in the Cloud are many. Not only do you save money with unnecessary maintenance costs, your data is more secure in cases of fire or other natural disasters.

    Many of our customers are deciding after consultancy with us, that their business would operate more efficiently and effectively if their dedicated (physical) server was moved to a Cloud server. As Cloud servers are also our specialty, we look after everything from setup and data migration to post migration support.

    We will then work with your business ongoing under your chosen Support program to ensure your server is continually monitored and maintained to provide the utmost performance and eliminate downtime from issues that may arise.

    We work with operating systems including Linux, Windows, UNIX, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows Server 2008/12/16, and other open source operating systems.



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