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Computer Hardware Setup

Have you ever felt you have been conned by a salesperson selling you the wrong hardware for your requirements? Did they send you away after the sale telling you how easy it was to set it up yourself?

If you don’t have anyone in your business who is not tech savvy, setting up a new IT system with the right hardware can be very frustrating and time consuming. It can also be very costly if it is not configured to the requirements of your business.

The setup of computer systems and hardware may require an individual Windows PC or a group of computer systems depending upon the nature and size of your business. You may require VOIP and/or phone systems aligning with your PCs and connectivity, or other hardware and services that you weren’t aware of could also be provided to streamline all your business communication and IT needs.


  • The ASH TECH team will align with our Technical Consultants to set up the hardware systems of any size, after we have identified and recommended your requirements.
    ASH TECH, in PC hardware installation service makes sure all hardware and systems are supplied and configured to provide the utmost potential from your systems speed and performance. We plan for your needs right now, and your future growth.

    We can either provide all your hardware requirements and setup at a complete cost. Or you can purchase your own hardware based on our recommendations, and allow us to configure and setup all your systems from day one, and continue with monitoring and support according to your choice.


computer hardware installation

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