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Are you absolutely convinced your IT network is 100% secure from hackers and other external and internal security threats?

The incoming data to your business through the internet needs to be monitored and checked regularly. This will ensure your internal network is safe and doesn’t get hacked, accessed or controlled by a third party.

The same importance must be given to the internal use of systems and PCs. For example if a staff member brought a USB from home which was infected by a virus without them knowing, and inserted it into a work PC, this could bring your business to its knees in an instant. The virus would be spread across all PCs on the network and in some cases, is unstoppable.

Some customers further extend their security policies to limiting access by all or selected staff to some external sites that are known to be insecure.

As one of our customers our Backups and Disaster Recovery Services would quickly restore your data and systems. The additional implementation of a network security plan in your business would prevent further costs and downtime waiting for your IT solutions to be 100% up and running.


ASH TECH works with the latest firewalls and implement web filtering rules to filter the incoming traffic.

We will work with your business to:

  • Listen to your concerns.
  • Check your current security systems and policies.
  • Determine your needs according to your business.
  • Provide recommendations.
  • Implement a safe and secure solution customised to your business and IT operations.
  • Train your staff on the new policies, restrictions required, and the importance of network security.

ASH TECH monitor your network and IT systems daily from our Service Centre,remotely. So if a threat occurs our support team will do what it takes to immediately put steps in place to fully secure your data and systems. We will also contact you to run complete checks across your entire IT system, to identify and resolve the issue.


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