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Cloud Servers


from $59.95Billed Monthly
25GB Disk space
1 CPU Core
Linux or Microsoft Windows server
Fully Configurable Upgrades


New Zealand-based cloud server setup and hosting. A cloud server is hosted through a cloud computing platform. Access all the capabilities of an ideal server remotely with a cloud server at your disposal.

What is a cloud server? – A cloud server is an online virtual server (not a physical server) which runs in a cloud computing environment with dedicated resources. It is built, hosted and delivered via a cloud computing platform over the internet. They can be accessed remotely, and are also known as virtual servers.

ASH TECH is one of the most reliable cloud service providers in NZ and has proven reliability history. We guarantee 99.99% up time for all online products. So, whether you are a small or large business, try out our cloud server for enhanced business performance.


Basic Cloud Servers – Basic Cloud servers are suited for Linux or Windows operating systems. Cloud servers use full virtualization with dedicated resources which provide seamless scalability and high availability.

Optimized Cloud Servers – Offering the same technology and operating system choices as Basic Cloud Servers, Optimized Cloud servers give the option of optimized hardware resources to suit your particular application.

Easy Scaling – It’s easy to add resources like CPU, memory, or disk space. You can effortlessly add more resources as your business needs require this.

Economically Efficient – Cloud servers are economically efficient. Compared to a traditional server with the same size and resources, a cloud server provides better results.

Fully Customisable – With a cloud server, you get complete freedom to customize the server software easily to meet all your business requirements. You can even customize the operating system to match your organizational needs.

Great Cost Ratio/Stability – Cloud servers are fast, stable, and secure. All kinds of hardware issues are eliminated. Thanks to their cloud computing capabilities, cloud servers provide great stability-cost ratio, and fast performance.

Stability and Security – Our cloud servers are isolated from other cloud servers as we provide its own dedicated resources. This means that other cloud servers can’t harm you and yours can’t affect others. All software-related issues are isolated from your own server environment. This means stability to your cloud server is guaranteed. Enjoy a seamless and stable experience with ASH HOST cloud servers.

Instant Setup – Our powerful automated systems create your new Cloud Server as soon as your order is confirmed. No waiting!

Server Metrics – ASH HOST enables you to monitor and track important server resource usage information (CPU, Memory, Network, Disk, Load, I/O, Uptime, Sessions and Users) and you can also set notifications and actions based on metrics with our Server Metrics tool.

Cloud Server Control Panel – A feature rich web based control panel offering boot, reboot, re-install and console options among other powerful features. Allows you control of your Cloud Server via a browser, while all servers are supplied with root/administrative access. Providing you full control of your Cloud Server at any level.

Advanced Firewall – The ASH TECH Advanced Firewall offers an intuitive and comprehensive cost-effective solution to keeping your server safe. We can also add firewall rules for outbound and inbound connections, making the firewall bidirectional.

Unique IP Address – Every cloud server is assigned a unique IP address. Therefore there is no need to share your IP address with other servers. You also don’t need to be concerned about other servers gobbling up your CPU and RAM.


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