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What We Do?

We live in a highly connected world. All of us rely on IT systems, information and devices that need to connect and communicate. But do we all know how IT works, and the options that are available to us? ASH TECH knows that IT can be scary for many. We know it seems complicated. We know it can be hard to know what to do. This is why we do what we do. Our sole reason for existence is to take the stress out of your IT! We help businesses and people just like you with IT support, Cloud, VoIP, Internet, Web Hosting, a Repair shop and much, much more. And we support you afterwards, always striving to keep your business free of IT issues, 24/7. It’s what we do, we love it, and we are very good at it. Because we have done it.

Industries we Served

Manage your Networking Solution with us

Every network infrastructure design, however successful when it was initially provided, should be refreshed every few years. A review of your IT network design and implementation is a great opportunity to create new infrastructure without affecting your resources that are essential for your day-to-day operations.

Network Installation

The importance of an appropriate physical network infrastructure for successful IT and business operations is often unrecognized. 

Network Management

Expert IT network management and maintenance is essential for any data centre network design and implementation project. 

Wirless Network

re you constantly struggling with slow or intermittent Wi-Fi? These issues can increase downtime and frustrations in your business,

Wi-Fi Installation

Do you understand all the necessary considerations for your wireless network needs and how to install it for optimum wireless performance by all users?

Hardware Setup

Have you ever felt you have been conned by a salesperson selling you the wrong hardware for your requirements?

Server Installation

A server installation requires expert advice and assistance in order to design and configure the right product to your requirements.

Security and Firewall

Are you absolutely convinced your IT network is 100% secure from hackers and other external and internal security threats? The incoming data to your business through the internet needs to be monitored and checked regularly.

Remote IT Support

Have you ever spent wasted time trying to get offshore support either by email or a chat line? Do they promise a response within 24 hours or 48 hours even worse?

Hosting & Cloud Services

from $59.95
Billed Monthly

Onsite Support

We understand from experience that unpredicted IT issues can occur anytime. Therefore we offer both Remote IT Support and monitoring, and Onsite Support as required.

It Support HelpDesk

User IT support is a people business. It is people who experience the everyday problems that stand in the way of working efficiently. Equally, it takes other well qualified people to resolve IT problems satisfactorily.

Unlimited Support

Have you ever lost precious time and money on the phone (or worse – typing into a chat screen on your computer) trying to fix your communication or hosting issues? Have you been stressed because you or your employee should have been working on or in your business?

We helped over 1,200 organisations to keep the lights

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