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Network Management and Support

Expert IT network infrastructure management and maintenance is essential for any data center network design and implementation project. No matter what type of equipment you use, these services are beyond general IT consulting and require a specialized network operation center.

For small networks (less than 30 servers) it is more efficient and economical to outsource your IT network management and monitoring services to a third party. For medium and large-sized infrastructures, outsourcing to a company that provides 24-hour monitoring is imperative for the smooth operation of your business systems.

ASH TECH has a 24/7 network monitoring and support team that includes highly experienced IT network specialists who that provides a stable and reliable IT Infrastructure. Our expertise cover all aspects of data centre networking and Linux/UNIX systems administration.

We are independent vendor therefore we ensure your needs are considered uppermost. So we customize our services and systems to your unique business and operations. We also work with various technologies selected according to your requirements, including (but not limited to) MikroTik, Debian, CentOS and open source software.


ASH TECH also offer a number of services for data centre IT network management and maintenance.

Our comprehensive IT network management service covers all support and maintenance requirements as well as business-driven changes in your existing data centre environment.

Our network support includes managing changes in your network configuration to configuration of firewall, routers, load-balancers, switches, and more. This extensive support also includes network troubleshooting and upgrade of software for your network devices as required. For stability and performance reasons we usually recommend MikroTik network equipment if this is identified as the best solution for your needs.

UNIX/Linux operating systems administration is another significant requirement for a smooth running environment. This is also included in our infrastructure management service.

ASH TECH’s full data center IT network management service includes network monitoring and reporting for various devices. We also manage your servers, and the services that run on them. So you don’t need to worry about a thing.


network infrastructure maintenance

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