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Network Security and Firewall

Security and Firewall Services

Does your business heavily rely on IT infrastructure?

If so, wouldn’t it be unfortunate if your business fell prey to cybercrime and loss of thousands of dollars? 

Of course, it would be! After all, you have worked so hard to build your business. Hence, ensuring that your IT is secure and has the right firewall services is essential. 

And at ASH TECH, we will be glad to be of your help! We are amongst the leading companies in Auckland, providing high-quality and robust network security and firewall services to businesses of all sizes and industrial sectors. 

We understand the world of cybersecurity effectively and deliver the finest services to our clients.

Why Network Security and Firewall is Important for Your Business?

Our experts have been asked this question multiple times. Most people don’t understand the importance of network security and firewall. However, it is of utmost importance considering the increase in cybercrimes across the world. 

Here’s how robust network security and firewall can protect your business. 

  • Protect Your Business from Hackers. Robust firewall and network security will protect your business IT infrastructure from malicious traffic and attacks from hackers, thus providing you security. 
  • Block Access to Unauthorized Websites. Firewall and network security allow you to block unauthorized websites prone to malicious downloads. This also allows us to prevent your employees from browsing certain websites such as gambling websites using your network. 
  • Protection from Malicious Code. Firewall and network security always monitor the data traffic from your systems. It also notes any unusual activity during the data traffic. If anything malicious is found or your system is under attack, the firewall alerts you to execute a cybercrime response protocol. 
  • Set the Bandwidth. To prevent access or downloads from certain websites, you can set the bandwidth using a firewall and network security. This will allow your employees to access the office printer but prevent them from accessing a certain website. 

How Can We Help You?

At ASH TECH, we believe in and work hard to provide the best network security and firewall service

And we don’t provide one-size-fits-all services! 

Instead, our services are highly customized according to the requirements of our clients. Here’s how we can help you.

  • Understand Your Needs. To provide customized services, our experts will talk and listen to your network security concerns. We will understand your needs to strategize a customized network security plan.  
  • Expert Analysis of Existing Network Security and Firewall. Our experts will run a complete analysis of your existing network security and firewall to find the loopholes. This will allow our experts to understand what type of services you need and how to effectively implement it. 
  • Provide a Customized Plan
  • We will provide you with a customized network security and firewall plan along with the implementation method. 
  • Implementation. After you have approved the plan, our experts will implement it to boost your network security and firewall. We will also train your IT department in navigating network security and firewall.
  • Monitoring. Our ASH TECH team will constantly monitor your network security and inform you of any upcoming threats. We will do our best to prevent the threat from touching your business IT infrastructure. We will also help you execute the cybercrime response protocol.

At ASH TECH, we want to secure each business and prevent them from cybercrimes and loss of critical information. 

Contact us now to know more. 

Network Security & Firewall

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